After being in development for over two years Fresh Culture Café opened the first Fresh Culture Café Coffee bar in 2011. The first FCC Coffee bar was an instant success and after receiving many enquiries for franchise opportunities nationally Fresh Culture Café decided to franchise its coffee bars in order to provide this opportunity to both individuals and corporates wishing to become part of this exciting, dynamic brand in a fast growing industry.

Our Fresh Culture Café Coffee Bars offer a unique coffee-on-the-go concept which provides premium coffee and simple hand-fare for those in a hurry. 

Our Coffee Bars are the first in South Africa to offer customers a “ 3 – Grinder” selection of coffees – so individuals can choose their blend of preference from Fresh Culture Cafés specially roasted, “Addict”, “El patron” and “Connoisseur” varieties – no longer will you have to drink what “everyone else” drinks.

Fresh Culture Café roasts their own coffee and are thus able to offer premium quality coffee that will satisfy even the most discerning individuals from “coffeeholics”, who cant function without their morning fix, to your more refined “cafe au laiters" and "espressonites”, who know the difference between a mediocre cup of coffee and value the “black gold” in a cup.

Fresh Culture Café baristas are trained to adhere to the strictest international extraction techniques resulting in exceptional coffee, prepared the right way. Fresh Culture Cafés training program is rigorous and in addition we have “Barista Trainers” on scooters which visit stores bi-weekly and are constantly up skilling and motivating on-site Baristas, ensuring quality products and service at all times. Fresh Culture Café creates an environment of succession with our policy of growth from within.