With our uniquely-designed mobile bar setup, we can cater to any size event imaginable, serving up hundreds of beverages within a given time frame. Not just another mobile coffee offering, Fresh Culture Café Mobile Bar is the mobile embodiment of the Fresh Culture Café brick and mortar store, it provides niche mobile coffee services to the private, corporate and hospitality event sectors.



  • What do we need to provide?
    All we need once you book is a place to plug in and some coffee lovers! We'll bring the rest, and most importantly we supply fully qualified and trained baristas to provide you with unbelievable coffee!

  • Anything we can add to the Coffee Bar?
    We try to include it all when you book one of our Mobile Coffee Bars, however, we know sometimes a little customisation doesn't hurt.  
    Signature drinks, custom printing, alternative brew methods...  and even food can be arranged.

  • How much space do you need for the bar?
    Our Bars do need a bit of room to work so a 5 x 4 space normally covers it. 

    We'd be happy to come by for a site visit just to be sure.

  • How much does the Mobile Bar Service Cost?
    Pricing is based on 3 things: The number of guests you are expecting, the duration of your event and where your event is located. 
    Our pricing includes everything - from staff and condiments to unlimited drinks for you and your guests while we are there. 
    Alternatively we can offer a “retail” environment where people pay per drink.